Policies and plans/strategies

Strategy 1: Supports to build up positive business environment for the Thai automotive businesses.
  • To conduct policy research of the automotive industry in depth and width. This is to find suggestions to support business operations in both supply and demand. Useful information is applied for policy setting, plan formulation and industry warnings. Information is disseminated and exchanged systematically under the information and technology system.
Strategy 2: Improvement of efficiency and productivity of the Thai auto parts industry.
  • To perform as a center for knowledge development and auto parts production technology transfer. Consultancy services are provided by experts in several fields. This is to prompt auto parts makers to have their manufacturing and management systems with higher productivity. Human resources development is also included.
  • To support development of human resources, particularly in the operations, in the automotive industry. This is to enlarge productivity and capacity of human resources in operations to become instructors or coaches. Industry demand on this matter is satisfied with optimization of existing network and human resources capacity.
Strategy 3: Establishment of the engineering and testing knowledge base.
  • To provide services in product analysis, testing, inspection and certification.
  • To have ISO/IEC 17025 certification for testing laboratories. This is to allow the Automotive Testing Center to be widely recognized in the country and abroad. In addition, the center aims to provide integrated support and services for the development of auto parts through the collaboration of automotive industry development. Through the collaboration, experts in the fields of product analysis, testing, inspection and others are ready to provide assistance. Other related agencies and units are linked for the automotive industry development.
Strategy 4: Enhancement of Management Efficiency
  • To provide services with efficiency. Thailand Automotive Institute conducts activities to support the internal units' implementation and coordination with other related units outside.