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Thailand Automotive Institute - Reference Library was opened for public since April 2014. User is welcomed to search and use reference document, information or publication of unrestricted section. All are sorted and organized, systematically. Restrict and in depth information are reserved and allowed to member only. TAI will develop advanced information searching system perpetually by implementing information technology as a tool to organize and arrange information in an orderly way with the objective to become Electronic-Library, the easy access way and user friendly.


For 15 years that Thailand Automotive Institute (TAI) has been operated since its first establishment on September 14th, 1998 by the cabinet resolution and order of Ministry of Industry (MOI). As a network of MOI, TAI has responsibility in manipulating activities to promote, support and coordinate between the government sectors and Thai automotive sector in term of policy development as well as being a knowledge center service for automotive industry development and competitiveness enhancement in the world market. In 2013, TAI’s president realized to disseminate knowledge of the automotive industry, the determination of Thailand Automotive Institute - Reference Library establishment has been originated with the objectives of being research resources, promulgation and learning center for user to acquire and utilize benefits from the library. This


2.1 To be a knowledge center of automotive industry’s integrated information and passing on knowledge through different sources such as research, manual, standard, statistics , etc.

2.2 To provide updated news, current situation and movement of world automotive industry

2.3 To be an information center for building capacity and organization development including user towards enhance competitiveness by learning from each other

2.4 To be TAI’s channel for survey need of user’s requirements and define a guideline to advance more capability/create an activity that corresponds to stakeholders’ needs.

2.5 To be a place for leisure and recreation. The library also has the entertainment information resources section that consists of Magazine, Short story, General knowledge, Miscellaneous, etc.

Categories of Information resources

TAI Library is a reference  library which is the knowledge center of automotive industry that user will obtain benefits from visiting here; for example, the Policy Integration:- We provide Automotive business analysis, Supporting data the development of strategic planning for sustainable automotive industry, Current situation & Alarm warning situation, etc. and such a like. Technical Knowledge:- Teams of expert are ready to answer, introduce and provide advice on Production Technology, Process Development, Standards and Testing. Building Capacity Center:- Training Class, Specific Curriculum, Practical Course for Management and Operation levels, Academic Handbook etc. Additionally, there is Automotive Intelligence Unit that provide data and information, rules & regulations, marketing, statistics of automotive and auto parts industry.

Category 1 Difference kinds of publication are grouped by custom-made system of TAI, called “Call Number”. It is integrated system that is uncomplicated and assist user to search for information or source effortless: Book, Research, Handbook, Manual, Standard, Statistic, Journal, Magazine, Seminar’s handout, Annual report, etc.

Category 2
Audio-visual equipment, Instructional media: CD, DVD (related to automotive industry).

Category 3
E-Library is another channel for user to search all lists of information resource in the library. Some items are also in form of E-book.

The Library Rules of Etiquette


1. Service hours : Monday – Friday (closed on weekend and holidays)
: 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

2. Please, leave your belongings at provided locker and contact librarian assistant for the key.

 Copyright Law

1. Data or information resource in database or website is bibliography data for convenience in searching only. If you need more information, please contact the librarian.
2. Due to the copyright law, some data is not circulated. However, you are recommended to contact our librarian for further assistance

Please contact us for more details.


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