Automotive Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development is an important factor in the production process, especially for the automotive industry which requires advance technology.

The country, therefore, has to prepare the readiness of their people in both quantitative and qualitative aspects.

Both public and in-house Training with concentration on the content required by the automotive industry, such as, productivity, quality systems, administration and management, will continuously increase knowledge, capabilities, and potentials of personnel.

The Institute also provides the system to certify capability of people in the following areas of the automotive industry.

- Metal Press work/Stamping - Plastic Injection - Ferrous Casting
- Machining (Lathe, Milling) - Die & Mold Finishing - Mechanical Assembly Finishing
- Lathe with Numerical Control - Milling with Numerical Control - Mechanical Drawing By Hand
- Mechanical Drawing By CAD - Electronics Device Assembly - Sequence Control (PLC)
- Hydraulic System Adjustment - Mechanical maintenance - Electrical Maintenance

- Pneumatic Circuits and Apparatus Devices Assembling

The training and capability test are done in both theory and hands on aspects.

The capability certifying will help promote the personnel development systematically, and enhance the acceptance of personnel capability standard.

At the same time, the manufacturers in this industry will be able to reduce cost and increase competitive capability.

Ultimately, the benefits should go to consumers who will receive quality and safe goods.