Pathway to Global Green Automotive Hub

Automotive Summit 2016
“Pathway to Global Green Automotive Hub”

Although automotive industry is not the most rapid growing industry, its constant evolution in many past decades has affected the way automobile manufactured and developed. From the sunset of manufacturing base in the countries that invented and produced automobile, it had led to the sunrise of production base in the emerging countries as new suppliers. This causes a global change for roles of supply chain in worldwide automotive industry. Nevertheless, the development of automotive technology will never end since it serves in pursuit of passion and inspiration of human mobility.

Since the development trend of automobile aims to achieve low energy consumption, new energy driven, advanced safety solution, along with environmentally-friendly, it is a combination challenge of the technological features for a vehicle in both present and future. Even though, automotive manufacturers are responsible for the state of the art in technology design, suitable production process and market standard conformance which are keys to achieve goals, sustainably, the collaboration from all parties as partnership is required to support in line with the trend of development in order to meet expectations and requirements in all aspects of the market. These will create the distinctive advantage that supports solid manufacturing base which will in turn to a corresponding success of global green automotive hub.

Automotive Summit is a major and comprehensive event for automotive industry which delivers knowledge of automobile technology and development trend, auto parts testing and standard. Many of leading auto parts operators, engineers and industrialists from many regions will attend this event to perceive the new knowledge and build up the networking with policy authority, executive, business leader and auto parts manufacturer. Moreover, specialists will share their knowledge in technology and automotive testing standard by following major topics:

  • Testing Technology, Component and Part Development, State of the Art in Vehicle Technology
  • Industry updating, Standard and Regulation, Advanced Production Technology
ConceptKey elements and trends on automotive industry toward global green automotive hub.
Date / TimeWednesday 22nd – Thursday 23rd June 2016, 08.30 – 16.30 hrs.
VenueBangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bang Na, Bangkok

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Who should attend:

  • Executive in automotive manufacturer, auto parts manufacturer and supporting industry
  • Industrialist from automotive manufacturing industry, auto parts production and supplier
  • Member and executive of related association/organization
  • Government officer from several related Ministries and institutes
  • Member of the press

Why should attend:

  • Opportunity to be acknowledged in the technology of testing and automotive and automotive product testing standards
  • Networking with executive, business leader, senior government officer and entrepreneur