ASEAN…The Emerging Automotive Hub of the World

Automotive Summit
“ASEAN…The Emerging Automotive Hub of the World”

Motor vehicle is an innovation that is related to welfare and safety of both driver’s and public’s life and property. Thus, motor vehicle and automotive parts are products that must be controlled in quality intensively from part, sub-system throughout the whole vehicle. In this regard, the automotive testing technology is also developed along with the testing standard, consistently, in order to conform and up to date with automotive technology that has never been stopped developing.

From the past, governments in each country; including in Thailand, specify automotive and auto parts testing standards with different rigidity but with the same major purpose in order to control quality of products that are imported and sold in their countries and protect consumers. Nowadays, the tendency of economic development in different regions is economic integration as the single large market to increase competitiveness. Likewise, Thailand is a member of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). As a result, there is reviewing automotive and auto part testing standards that each country has allocated in order to settle the mutual agreement and avoid any obstacle of upcoming economic activities.

Automotive Summit is a major event for automotive industry in ASEAN which delivers knowledge of testing technology and automotive and auto parts testing standard after AEC. Many of leading auto parts operators, engineers and industrialists from many regions will attend this event to perceive new knowledge and build up the networking with policy authority, executive, business leader and auto parts manufacturer. Moreover, specialists will share their knowledge in technology and automotive testing standard by following major topics:

  • Testing standard of automotive and automotive product after AEC
  • Automotive technology, testing technology and corresponding testing tool with testing standard
ConceptTechnology and automotive testing standard
Date / TimeWednesday 24th – Thursday 25th June, 2015 (8.30 am – 4.30 pm)
VenueBangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bang Na, Bangkok

Co-organized By:

Who should attend:

  • Executive in automotive manufacturer, auto parts manufacturer and supporting industry
  • Industrialist from automotive manufacturing industry, auto parts production and supplier
  • Member and executive of related association/organization
  • Government officer from Ministry of Industry and related institutes
  • Member of the press

Why should attend:

  • Opportunity to be acknowledged in the technology of testing and automotive and automotive product testing standard after AEC
  • Networking with executive, business leader, senior government officer and entrepreneur