“Safety Helmet for Motorcyclist”

“Safety Helmet for Motorcyclist”
The Revising and Major Change of Protective Helmets for Vehicle Users from TIS 369-2539 (1996) to TIS 369-2557 (2014)

          On August 15th, 2014, Thailand Automotive Institute (TAI), arranged “Safety Helmet for Motorcyclist: the Revising and Major Change of Protective Helmets for Vehicle Users from TIS 369-2539 (1996) to TIS 369-2557 (2014)” seminar which is collaborated and supported from Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) - Ministry of Industry, Thai Motorcycle Enterprise Association (TMEA), Helmet Institute, SCS Instrument Co., Ltd. and Hi-Tech Resources (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

           Nowadays, total Thailand motorcycle production in 2013 is as much as 2,218,625 units and 2,004,498 units for domestic sales. During 2013, according to data from Thai Road Accidents Data Center for Road Safety Culture (Thai RSC) reports that there are 8,631 accidents from all types of vehicle, 578,490 injuries and 6,834 deaths. Thus, without systematic prevention and correction in driver behavior, traffic system, road surface condition and vehicle’s capacity, lose and injury from accident are expected to be increased. Furthermore, protection system and protection for driver are also importance along with “wearing safety standard helmet” that must be collaborated from every sectors.

           Products of automotive industry and auto parts standard testing is a major mission of TAI -  Testing center that has been operated for over 16 years. TAI has enhanced and developed modern testing tools in order to support industrial standards of automotive industry and other international standards, continually. Today, TAI with sets of safety helmet testing tool for motorcyclist supported by TISI – Ministry of Industry are now ready to provide testing services as standards of the new Protective Helmets for Vehicle Users TIS 369-2557 (2014).

           The concept in this TIS 369-2557 (2014) has been changed to standard that widely accepted as the safety helmet standard from consumer by applying protocols of UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF PROTECTIVE HELMETS AND OF THEIR VISORS FOR DRIVERS AND PASSENGERS OF MOTOR CYCLES AND MOPEDS  (ECE R 22) with full face helmet and U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION LABORATORY TEST PROCEDURE FOR FMVSS No. 218 Motorcycle Helmets ENFORCEMENT (DOT) with half helmet; especially, crash testing  based on acceleration rate and Head Injury Criterion (HIC). Visor is also improved for more safety as the standard. All enhancements are evaluation the quality of safety helmet that shows better safety attributes.

           Objectives of this seminar are to publicize scopes of services in standard testing, since TISI is revising the Protective Helmets for Vehicle Users TIS 369-2557 (2014) that is expected to be legislated within 2015 as well as to promote safety and acknowledge publics to realize on the significant of safety helmet and select the right one. It propagandizes information of new revised standard and details differ from previous TIS 369-2539 (1996) to operators and importers. In this regard, there are demonstrations of this new standard testing for participant’s confidence in standard testing process of TAI.

           In the seminar, Mr. Urit Srinongkote, Secretary – General of TISI, gives opening speech and Mr. Vichai Jirathiyut, President of TAI, reports objectives of the seminar. There are honorable guest speakers such as Assoc. Prof. Adisak Paritapolkarnpim, President - Child Safety Promotion and Prevention Research Center, Ramathibodi Hospital, in the special lecture “The significant of safety helmet to decrease accident”, Assoc. Prof. Aphichart Rodchanarowan, Lecturer - Faculty of Materials Engineering, Kasetsart University, for the topic of “Materials engineering and safety helmet quality development” and Mr. Sakesilp Banpasuka, Specialist – Testing Division, TAI, for “Safety helmet standards and major revised concept of TIS 369-2557 (2014)” 

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