How to buy a used car?

November 3, 2016
To buy a used car, you should have some knowledge on hand which is useful for you to inspect the car you have eye on and avoid deceit from some tricky sellers, though there still have trustful sellers out there. 6 things you need to check before buying a used car

Bulk analysis and Quantitative Depth Profile: iron, Steel and Aluminum Alloy

October 27, 2016
Nowadays, analysis technique for solid sample has been developed, continuously. It is able to analyze solid item such as metal, glass and ceramic without any damage to the sample. It also reduces the applying of chemical and acid; which cause pollution, during sample preparation as well as time consumption in testing and analysis.

The Testing of Inner tube for Motorcycle as defined by TIS 683-2530

April 22, 2016
Determination the standard of tire for motorcycle is to control the capacity in order to produce quality and right tire for each type of ride. Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) realizes and allocates the TIS 683-2530 for implementation with the test of inner tube for motorcycle

Fog Testing

April 21, 2016
Fog forming or evaporation is occurred on windshield when interior parts of vehicle made of natural material, polymer or textile is heated and emits Volatile and Semi-volatile organic compounds at certain speed. Thus, it is necessary for the right design and selection of material for interior parts to prevent these compounds and fog forming that effect to visualization during driving. As a result, the testing of these compounds emission from interior parts made of each material is significance to auto parts production industry because this is a supporting data for manufacture to choose and develop the right material for less emission.

Shade and Welding

April 20, 2016
We usually see people wear knitted hat/t-shirt and shade instead of welding mask, while they are welding their work pieces/jobs that are not in plant such as roof frame, outdoor or in shop; because wearing welding mask is inconvenient for them. Nevertheless, level of darkness between shade and welding mask is different from testing by wearing those and looking up at the sun once at a time; you will see the different brightness of sunlight.

The Difference of Safety Helmet Testing as the Standard of TIS 369-2539 and TIS 369-2557

March 14, 2016
Total sale volume of both 125 cc and over 125 cc; as known as big bike, motorcycle is increased, continuously. Thus, protection gear for rider and passenger is also needed, increasingly. It has been developed in material and design as well as pricing. As a consequence, Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS) realizes to the significant of protection gear development and has authority to certify manufacturer, importer and exporter.
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